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The best free net worth spreadsheets can help you track your assets and visualize your financial progress. You may prefer the customization and flexibility of a spreadsheet to gain an in-depth perspective on your personal needs.

Additionally, you can track your net worth without cost and avoid the hassle of syncing your banking accounts.  

Free Net Worth Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets adapt to various wealth-building strategies and have differing layouts to find the best fit to calculate your liquid net worth.

1. Tiller Net Worth Template

Tiller MoneyTiller Money

Tiller Money is one of the best budget spreadsheet apps that automatically sync to your banking accounts to pursue any budget strategy. An annual subscription is free for the first 30 days and costs $79 annually. 

You can download a community-made free net worth spreadsheet for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. It tracks your assets, liabilities, and other vital financial metrics you wish to monitor.

The free spreadsheet for either platform is suitable as a standalone product for tracking up to 12 months of data. Thankfully, you can incorporate either into your paid subscription for total flexibility. You can utilize this net worth tracker alongside other personal and business templates.

Best For: People who want spreadsheets to automatically calculate

2. Measure of a Plan Net Worth Tracker

Networth over timeNetworth over time

Measure of a Plan offers a free spreadsheet for Excel or Google Sheets that breaks down your assets and liabilities into the following sections:

  • Bank accounts
  • Investment accounts
  • Other assets (i.e., real estate, vehicles, precious metals)
  • Debts

You can add rows for your accounts and columns for each new month. After inputting your data, you will see your total assets, debts, and net worth. The chart is visually appealing, easy to read, and quick to update. 

Best For: Monthly Net Worth Updates

3. Mad Fientist Financial Independence Spreadsheet

The Mad Fientist produces an energetic spreadsheet that tracks your net worth and calculates the remaining time to achieve financial independence (FI). It’s one of the best options for retiring early or quickly boosting your net worth. 

Incorporating this spreadsheet makes it easier to follow the steps to achieve financial independence as you build a personal roadmap. 

There are separate tabs to track your investments, average monthly spending, and customizable growth rate and withdrawal assumptions. Enjoy a video walkthrough to set up your tabs quickly. 

Best For: Reaching financial independence

4. SquawkFox Household Net Worth Spreadsheet

U.S. and Canadian families can easily tabulate their household net worth, thanks to SquawkFox. This digital spreadsheet can double as a printable worksheet with clear-cut asset and liability columns.

It breaks down your balances by account type to pinpoint where you’re storing your wealth or the biggest culprit minimizing your savings rate. One downside is the inability to add more rows to track specific assets, although you can lump the balances into an “other” category. 

This tool and a household budget are excellent starting points to follow through on a financial plan.

Best For: Tracking Household Net Worth

5. Ultimate Net Worth, Budgeting, and FIRE Spreadsheet

Johny AfricaJohny Africa

Johnny Africa presents an impressive net worth and budgeting spreadsheet for the FIRE community (financial independence retire early). It’s accessible by Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel with plenty of latitude to customize and view colorful, in-depth reports. 

All data feeds into the dashboard tab, but you can input detailed info into the following tabs:

  • Cash flows (income, expenses, taxes, savings, and debt)
  • Cash flows during FIRE (compare inflows and outflows for various FIRE scenarios)
  • Raw data for charts (average and actual expenses by monthly household expense)
  • Net worth data (monthly asset and liability balance by account)

This download helped Johnny achieve FIRE by age 34. It is by far one of the most detailed free net worth spreadsheets.  

Best For: Chasing FIRE

6. Microsoft 365 Net Worth Summary

Microsoft 365 Net WorthMicrosoft 365 Net Worth

Lovers of Microsoft Excel wanting a simple spreadsheet will enjoy the Microsoft 365 Net Worth Summary. There are separate tabs for assets and liabilities to enter the total balance for account type to reflect a high-level calculation on the dashboard tab.

You may appreciate this option if you crave simplicity. One downside of a manual spreadsheet versus an automated net worth tracker is updating each line item by hand.   

While this sheet won’t generate an itemized valuation of your assets and debts, it’s convenient when you have a simple situation or desire minimal upkeep.

Best For: Minimal Time to Update

7. The Retirement Manifesto Net Worth Template

Fritz at The Retirement Manifesto has a net worth template to assist with obtaining your early retirement date. It’s ideal for those pursuing FIRE or wanting to track their investment asset allocation with their net worth.

This free spreadsheet contains three tabs:

  • Net worth statement: Computes your after-tax and tax-advantaged asset values and outstanding debts to find your current net worth.
  • Asset allocation: Track the portfolio percentage of stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative investments by taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free account type.
  • FIRE scoreboard: Compare your assets, retirement income, and planned withdrawal rate to obtain a FI Score. A healthy score indicates how close you are to becoming financially independent. 

Best For: Analyzing net worth and investment asset allocation

8. Young Adult Money Net Worth Spreadsheet

You Adult MoneyYou Adult Money

People eligible for federal student loan forgiveness will appreciate the personalization through Young Adult Money. This spreadsheet can exclude the value of forgivable student loan debt while considering your remaining debt and asset values.

Thus, this feature calculates net worth with and without student loans eligible for public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) or income-based repayment plans (IBR). Forgiveness may be several years away, but being able to envision your future net worth accurately brings peace of mind. 

This spreadsheet includes unique asset-tracking categories, such as health savings accounts (HSAs). It’s also good at itemizing debt balances by a particular account. 

Best For: Student loan forgiveness

9. Vertex42 Net Worth Calculator

The Vertex42 Net Worth Calculator tracks your assets and liabilities with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. It tracks the total balance by account type. For instance, you list the combined balance of your savings or retirement accounts instead of listing each individually. 

You can add subaccounts for the following asset categories:

  • Cash
  • Investments
  • Property 
  • Retirement

The liability categories can break down your debts by loan type and other joint financial obligations. Its simple layout can make it easy to spot ways to increase your net worth.

Best For: Beginners at Net Worth Tracking 

10. Spreadsheet123 Net Worth Statement


The straightforward net worth statement from Spreadsheet123 can be set up in minutes. It also allows additional rows to be added when you want more precise data as you track assets and liabilities. The coding calculations update accordingly, making it a beginner-friendly spreadsheet.

Prebuilt categories include:

  • Cash and bank accounts (asset)
  • Investments (asset)
  • Personal property (asset)
  • Current debts (liability)
  • Mortgage (liability)
  • Loans (liability)

You may also appreciate the simple layout and soothing colors that help make using a free net worth spreadsheet less intimidating. It’s available for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Best For: Microsoft Excel Users

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions worth asking as you compare net worth templates.

What is the best free net worth spreadsheet?

There isn’t necessarily a “one size fits all” net worth spreadsheet tracker, but these comparison factors can help you choose the best one for your preferences:

  • Strategy: Some spreadsheets keep it simple and only track the combined balance by asset or liability type. Others provide space to list the balance for each account within a subcategory. 
  • Performance tracking: The spreadsheet may store monthly data you can refer to when reviewing your financial progress. Access to historical data is helpful but determine if you have time to input the extra data. 
  • Customization: Can you insert additional rows for more accounts or columns for in-depth monthly tracking? 
  • Layout: Spreadsheets can have amazing capabilities that other programs don’t offer, but the design should be easy to use so you can unlock the full potential. 
  • Extra features: Some designers include tracking and analysis tools for financial independence, investing, or a budgeting spreadsheet. You can track multiple metrics within the same sheet for convenience. 

How do you calculate net worth on a spreadsheet?

Find your net worth by subtracting the total amount of your liabilities from your total asset value. Most spreadsheets let you type in a dollar amount by account or debt type. The program automatically calculates your total assets and debts to find the difference.  

 For example, your net worth is $750,000 when you have $1 million in combined assets but $250,000 in liabilities such as a mortgage and credit card debt.  

Is there a free net worth tracking tool?

In addition to free net worth spreadsheets, consider using Empower. It connects to your banking and investment accounts for free and tracks your debt balances to update your net worth automatically. You can list manual accounts to view your full financial picture.


There are many free net worth spreadsheets to choose from that can keep tabs on your net worth with ease. 

It can be as simple or advanced as you desire, whether you want to track your current net worth or compare the changes by month or specific account.

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